My boyfriend came to uni in Canterbury so we decided to come back, 5 years after he graduated for him to show me around this beautiful city.

We arrived and wandered around the many cobbled streets. I love the contrast of old vs new, it reminds me a lot of Chester, Oxford and Bath. We stumbled across Pork & Co and had lunch in this charming building. It felt like being in someone’s house. Loads of stunning natural light and great food.

Pork & Co. Canterbury

The Living Lounge in Orange Street was another gem of a find, beautiful interior accessories and treasures for your home can be found here.

The Living Lounge Canterbury

There are so many unique places you stumble across as you wander around town, a particular favourite of mine was The Crooked House, built in the 17th century it leans and looks like it’s defying gravity. It has been many different shops over the years. It can be found at the end of Palace Street, and is fascinating, well worth a peak.

The Crooked House Canterbury

Over the weekend we’ve visited pubs, ventured to Whitstable (more on that in my other blog post), overindulged at various eateries (check out Zeus, a family run Greek restaurant too)! Canterbury is a wonderful place to relax, and explore. It’s definitely a charming city I’d like to return to.

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