Killarney National Park

Ok so it’s not strictly a ‘staycation’ but it’s just a short ferry ride away, and I fell in love with Ireland earlier this year so had to share our adventures of the Emerald Isle.

We did a road trip of Ireland back in May, visiting Mr K’s family along the way, there’s so much to share I’ll break it down, starting with Killarney…

We drove from Cork and all week we lucked out with the weather, it was a mini heat wave, which is nearly unheard of. If you’re planning a trip to Ireland don’t miss out Killarney National Park. It’s so beautiful. Stop at the lakes and mountain views points as you drive through.

We pulled over at several beauty spots throughout the park, including Torc Waterfall, we continued from here on a walk which took an hour or so, but showcased so many stunning view points. There were so many peaceful spots with not many other visitors to just take in the surroundings.

Walking through Killarney National Park

We drove a short way to the visitor centre which has a large car park, cafe, shop and various gardens to explore.

I’d recommend spending a day exploring. There’s so much natural beauty to see!

There’s no doubt we’ll return, have you explored Killarney in a different way, did you cycle or walk? Would love to hear your experiences.

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